Carbon Policy

Castle Group Scotland Ltd – Carbon Statement 2017

We believe that the climate change impact from rising carbon emissions requires a specific commitment. This carbon statement outlines our policy, approach and performance in reducing the significant carbon impacts of our business operations, namely electricity use and company vehicle fuel consumption.

Castle Group Scotland Ltd is a leading Civil Engineering business that specialises in structural repairs for important infrastructure. Environmental responsibility is a core business principle and since 2009 we have demonstrated our commitment to environmental management by obtaining certification to BS EN ISO 14001:2004 for our Environmental Management System (EMS).  An integral part of our EMS is to monitor and manage our key sources of carbon emissions, which helped us achieve the Carbon Trust Standard in 2011.

Our Carbon Highlights 2016

  • 22% reduction in carbon emissions across the business this year compared to our three year average
  • Transition from projects with high carbon intensity, along with monitoring of energy use for our offices and fleet
  • Carbon footprint reduced by 34 tCO2e over the last four years.

Our Carbon Boundaries

In accordance with generally accepted principles for boundary setting for organisations, our carbon statement and policy is based upon the significant emission sources for which we have operational control. These are company owned and leased vehicles, plant and machinery used for carrying out our projects (scope 1) and purchased electricity consumption (scope 2).

Our Carbon Management Principles

  • Deliver real carbon reductions instead of carbon neutrality through offsetting
  • Focus on behavioural change to avoid emissions and to improve efficiency before considering new technology
  • Utilise our EMS to deliver carbon reduction objectives and to review progress
  • Engage and motivate our staff to deliver our carbon management programme
  • Transparent reporting of our performance.

Our Carbon Performance for 2016

This is our sixth carbon statement and is based on data recorded in our EMS for weekly electricity readings and from external fuel reports for our company vehicles and machinery. The charts below summarise our performance over the last year. From our practices, our carbon intensity has fall by 15% compared to the prior year with an absolute reduction in our emissions by 7.1 tCO2e


The carbon emissions as defined by the Carbon Trust Standard. Although we aim to minimise significant omissions or inaccuracies in our carbon statement as part of our EMS, this statement has not been independently verified.

Our Key Carbon Reduction Objectives for 2017

  • Reduce Electricity Consumption (kWh /FTE) by 17%
  • Increase fleet fuel consumption target from 7.5 to 9.0mpl
  • Overall carbon intensity is reduce to 30tCO2e/£m of turnover.

This Carbon Statement is communicated to our staff and is publicly available and our progress is available upon request.

Karen Ogilvy: Director Responsible for Environmental and Carbon Management, March 2017