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Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering expertise involves structural repairs to bridges, culverts, tunnels, river defences and much more. However, what is of interest to many of our clients is not so much what we do, but how we do it. Castle Group has established a reputation for high quality and innovative civil engineering works, especially in bridge repairs. Our projects often take place in some of the more environmentally sensitive areas of Scotland, very often over or near water.

The very essence of our expertise is sustainability, through repairing structures rather than complete replacement, and looking at problems from different angles. This approach often reduces the financial and environmental impacts.

Case Studies


Concrete Canvas,

Concrete Canvas® GCCM* (CC) used to line a culvert in Earlston, Scotland.


Craig Tara, Ayrshire

Tidal Outfall Pipework Renewal with associated General Civil Works in Ayrshire.

Further Studies


Glenormiston Bridge

Client Borders Council
Value £360,000
Scope Construction of a new steel cable stayed bridge (42m span) over the river Tweed, including ground anchor foundations.
Features One of the few new cable stayed bridges built recently in Scotland.

A9 Jubilee Bridge

Client Transport Scotland
Value £1.2 million
Scope Hydro-demolition and recasting of cantilevered RC edge beam including new waterproofing and new parapet.
Features Contractor designed and built rolling falsework system. Project completed on time (to the day) and on budget.

Wade Bridge,

Client Perth and Kinross Council
Value £120,000
Scope Natural stone repairs, indenting, and lime pointing including conservation of stone features.
Features ‘A’ listed bridge structure.

A1 Washington
and Portobello

Client A-one (Highways Agency Area 14)
Value £800,000
Scope Propping of existing bridges over motorway, demolition of piers, reconstruction of piers on new piled foundations.
Features Working on live motorway. Large volume hydro-demolition.

Bridge of Dun

Client Angus Council
Value £485,000
Scope Repairs to 2 bridges. 5 span masonry arch Grade A Listed structure and steel and concrete deck on masonry abutments.
Features Bridge located in environmentally and ecologically high risk site: SSSI, SAC, SPA and Ramsar designated areas.

Suspension Bridge

Client Aberdeen Council
Value £140,000
Scope Installation of LED lighting to illuminate listed bridge structure.
Features Grade 'A' listed suspension bridge (built in 1933).